Kid Millionaire Academy E –Learning courses are geared towards the scholar who is eager to learn and ready to start acting upon the knowledge that is provided throughout each course. Kid Millionaire Academy E -Learning courses will broaden financial horizons that will allow scholars to learn how to think within the world of finances. Kid Millionaire Academy E learning courses challenges to unlearn to relearn powerful methods and practices to catapult scholars to embrace financial wisdom.

 Kid Millionaire Academy E Learning Course Description

You don’t create your future your habits do…

Kid Millionaire welcomes scholars to inspire others to lead and live a prosperous life journey. Kid Millionaire will inspire and teach you how to think in the realm of personal development and positive character education that interchanges with building wealth by adopting prosperity thinking habits to grow your riches.

Kid Millionaire Academy sets high expectations for its scholars. Not every child is ready to transform, break negative habits, and unlearn to relearn new ways to lead a life of success. The Kid Millionaire Scholar sets the standard to live beyond limiting beliefs. The Kid Millionaire Scholar is committed to the process that prepares their young minds to create the life they deserve.

We expect the best, because our scholars are the best. Kid Millionaire Expectations are as follows:

·        Kid Millionaire scholars clean there room.

·        Kid Millionaire scholars listen to their parents.

·        Kid Millionaire Scholars completes homework and school assignments neatly and in excellence.

·        Kid millionaire scholars ask for support and guidance when needed.

·        Kid Millionaires never give up on their goals.

·        Kid Millionaire attends school regularly and is excited to learn.

·        Kid Millionaire Scholars read at least one or more books per month.

·        Kid Millionaire Scholars are grateful for all things no matter how big or small.

·        Kid Millionaire Scholars believe in their skills, goals and powerful mind to create the life they deserve.

·        Kid Millionaire Scholars take responsiblity for their actions and behaviors.

X’ernona Woods 

Innovative and inspiring author and educational consultant and life coach X’ernona Woods has committed and dedicated her life’s work to supporting socio-economically challenged youth through her State of Illinois Librarian recommended financial literacy prosperity building programs, children’s books and workshops entitled “Save That Penny for a Sunny Day,” and other publications. 


Due to the staggering increase of poverty in America, X’ernona Woods created the “Save That Penny for a Sunny Day,” wealth building kit that includes the book, workbook, lesson plans, financial literacy plays and classroom activity books, prosperity lesson in compact disc form in addition to mock credit cards and checks that have been implemented in various Chicago Public Schools to help students form a financial literacy connection through education and X’ernona began her career as an educator and counselor for the Mayor’s Office of Work Force Development along with an association with the Alternative Schools Network working to bring financial literacy to underprivileged communities.


Since 1999, X’ernona has continued to stand in the forefront in the battle to further enrich the minds of youth, which afforded her the opportunity to be selected as a presenter for the Global Association of Teachers of Economics 2009 Annual Conference.

In the areas of finance and budgeting, “Save That Penny For A Sunny Day” serves as a catalyst for youth to accelerate their learning pace with improved thinking skills and an expanded repertoire of ideas and concepts. As young people learn from the monetary aspects and components emphasized in this literary effort, they increase their competitive edge and forge liaisons to future opportunities and growth. Unquestionably, Woods’ financial learning approach will foster viable work processes and sharing of fresh knowledge.

- Secretary of State and State Librarian, The Honorable Jesse White



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