Peaceful Resolutions members are provided the opportunity to work with their peers and create impenetrable bond that builds confidence and trust.

II. Unlearning Bad Habits

In the unleashing bad habits we explore and dissect the various reasons why we model our habits and how those habits effect your inner and outer relationships with self and others.

III. Who We Are  

Here we connect with the deeper sense of self and expose the rhyme and reason as to why we behave towards people, places, and things negatively. When these issues are brought to the Peaceful Resolutions members begin to envision and embrace a process to support engaging new ways of thinking.

IV. Be Do Have

We offer the guidance to support students being able to create their own opportunities of growth and development not only financially but the discovery of their own greatness to create infinite possibilities.

V. Intentions Equates to Results

Learning how to focus can be a great balancing act but given effective tools it will be a walk in the park.

VI.Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others. Peaceful Resolutions offers the opportunity to explore and become of aware of their reactions and the best way to learn the importance of expressing their emotions and convey them to others.  Individuals learn the significance that they are in the business of self  and become enlightened to be connected with the understanding and definition of "self fish",-self care. To understand that when you don't take care of self you will suffer the consequences. Students learn the importance of taking themselves seriously.

VII. Paradigm Shifters

Fundamental change in an individuals or society view of how things work in the world. Students are guided on the path to take on the torch of creating and appropriately managing their feelings, thinking and behavior.

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